December 30, 2007

Gaspacho (not the cold soup kind)

It is similar to a fruit salad but I hate using those words 'cause I don't want you to think this is just some regular, old, boring fruit salad. It's really so much more than that! It's healthy, exotic, juicy, crunchy, delicious & it'll be a ray of sweet sunshine in the middle of a grey winter day! Listed below are the fruits I used for this particular gaspacho but you can use any mix of the following fruits (honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, papaya & mango). However, jicama & pineapple are musts! They give gaspacho its signature flavour & crunch. The other key step to making a yummy & authentic gaspacho is the size of the fruit. All fruits pieces are 1/4" diced. I know, sounds like allot of work but once you get going it's really not that bad.

So, here we go! You'll need...

2 cups diced pineapple (about 1/2 a pineapple)

2 cups diced jicama

1 cup diced cantaloupe

1 cup diced mango

1 cup diced papaya

Lime & orange juice.

These fruit amounts are flexible. Just use what you've got.

1. Peel, de-seed & dice all fruits. Don't worry about uniformity. Concentrate on size! Mix all diced fruits in a big bowl. Hands work best.

2. Scoop fruits into tall glasses.

3. Fill each glass with oj & add about a 1/2 lime splash worth of lime juice on top.

4. Eat with a spoon & enjoy!

If your feeling adventurous locals in Morelia (Mexico's gaspacho capital) top their gaspacho with a dash of hot sauce, a sprinkle of chili powder & about 1 tbsp. of "cotija" cheese. Crumbled feta or even cottage cheese would work ok too.

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