February 28, 2008

Belt Buckle Frames

A quick trip to the Sally Anne (or like) and you'd be ready to roll! Tute is here.

Felted Nesting Bowls

Good tute from design sponge for felted nesting bowls. They sound super easy. Hmmm almost too easy. Part 2 of tute to be released by ds next week I guess.

February 23, 2008

Wallpaper - 4 Ways

Got some wallpaper scraps leftover? Thanks goes to New Zealand's H&G for this great tute on how to eat up those pesky odds & ends. Ideas include cards, a doorknob pocket storage thing-y, coasters & covered notebooks.


Really, I just like saying the word. Trebuchet. Trebuchet. Trrrrrrebuchet. Here's a tute for a DIY desk version. Good for flinging things around your office. Snack foods could be fun!


Martha's prop room. Give me free reign & five minutes & I would be in an orgasmic, honey coated heaven.


Sometimes, don't you wish you could whip a ninja star at your man's head? Avoid jail time & make yourself a paper one!

February 22, 2008

Binding Tute

Make your own bias tape. Nice work "Posie Gets Cozy".

Quilted Coaster Tute

Excerpted from "Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts" by Joelle Hoverson via Martha Stewart.

February 21, 2008

I Want to Make These with OLIVE My Heart

Bad, bad, bad. Sorry. So, if you're like me you've been seeing knitted olives at every online turn. Here is the tute (from Mary Jane, Midge & Mink) I plan to use.

Fuction Meets Frilly Fashion

Here is that "disgustingly cute & frilly apron" I've been working on for the past...forever! Very sweet if I do say so myself. I was inspired by lululollylegs's lined apron tute.

February 20, 2008

February 19, 2008

Wooden Bookmark

Bruno B. posted a great tute on Cut Out + Keep.

February 17, 2008

Stick It to the Man...Again

Some of you may remember the pincushion I made awhile back. Well, my two dogs got it. Snatched it right off my sewing table! Nothing happened scary danger wise in regards to the pins but the poor little pincushion was destroyed. This is my new one. You can see I even reused the same yellow embroidery thread & button. Waste not want not right?

February 15, 2008

If you like your finger tips...

Here is a great tute on using Rotary Cutters from The Purl Bee.

Whoa Nelly

A link to every single entry for "The January Jumpstart Project" (the small item makeover contest jointly held by Apartment Therapy & Bluelines).

February 14, 2008

Me Like-e

Nuno Life is a neat blog (out of Japan - but in English) heavy with sewing tutes & printable patterns.

What To Do with Fluffy's Leftover Fluff

VIP Fibers out of Morgan Hill, CA will spin your pet's hair into yarn. You collect it from various brushings, pick it off your black pants or wherevs & mail it in. Once you receive your yarn I guess you knit away on some sweet little keepsake. Kooky but cute.

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 13, 2008

Canadian Geese a la Something

Reminds me wee a bit of Escher. I'm going to make men's boxers out of this.

So, I've started a new category of fabrics I have recently bought. Email me if you want specific info. (ie: its name, where I bought it, etc.).

Free E-zine from "Design for Mankind"

This edition is all about inspiration.

February 10, 2008

A Market for Everything

"Hotdoll" is a natural way to control your dog's sexual impulses. Hmmm. Better than your guest's leg right? Oh and don't forget, according to the website "the pink hole needs to be washed regularly for hygienic reasons".

February 6, 2008

Cross Stitch Pattern Generator

I don't cross stitch...yet. I HAVE however been marinating with the idea of starting for some time now. When I do I know I'll be allllllll over this cross stitch pattern generator.

If you have any good tips for a newbie cross stitcher pls. share away!

February 5, 2008

Chocolate Strawberry Ice-Cream Sandwiches

Great looking dessert to follow-up a romantic Valentine's Day dinner at home. Yummy.