January 23, 2008

Homemade Natural Air Freshner

I like to make my own air fresheners. Inexpensive, all natural, enviro. friendly (the reusable packaging) & just plain ol' lovely! The "recipe" is as follows...

15 drops of your fav. essential oil
1/2 tsp vodka (helps "keep" the scent from evaporating)
1 cup water

1) Add oil drops & vodka to spray bottle. Shake to mix.
2) Add water & shake again.
3) Mist away!

Popular oil mixes in our house includes (equal parts) ...

  • sandalwood, pine & juniper for an earthy, forest-y scent
  • lavender & a citrus like grapefruit for a light, refreshing scent
  • juniper, eucalyptus or tea tree with lavender for antiseptic-antimicrobial action (good to spray when family members are sick! Double the oil amounts for this one.)
  • clary sage (good for that cranky time of month)

Note: Don't spray people, pets, wood or fabric.

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