February 17, 2008

Stick It to the Man...Again

Some of you may remember the pincushion I made awhile back. Well, my two dogs got it. Snatched it right off my sewing table! Nothing happened scary danger wise in regards to the pins but the poor little pincushion was destroyed. This is my new one. You can see I even reused the same yellow embroidery thread & button. Waste not want not right?


Hannah said...

Soooo, it wasn't a very good chew toy? My puppy chews up anything he can get his paws and teeth on!

Kate said...

Oh no THEY loved it. It was ME who had the problem. I was on a 48 hour panic alert! I feared that they swallowed afew pins. The vet was encouraging saying it was unlikely but man it was still super stressful.